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At Body Ready we are a fully equipped personal training facility located in Kitchener, Ontario. We strive to provide a place that is clean, safe, calm and relaxed. We know that when you eliminate the intimidation the more you succeed in your goals!

No hassle, No pressure, ONLY goal crushing!




1:1 Training

Working with you one on one so you get the most out of your sessions. Willy personalizes each workout for your comfort and skill set.

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Glute Camp

Looking to combat and strengthen the most common problem area? In this Glute camp, we work with a variety of leg and glute exercises.


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Group Training

Do you have a few friends or family members that want to join in on the motivation? We offer small group training at a discount rate.

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Mommy & Me

Looking to get your body back? Join us Monday to Friday between 1 and 3 pm for Mommy & Me for weight loss and body shaping post pregnancy. We encourage you to bring your little ones with you for your workout!

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Partner Training

A workout buddy is a great way to keep each other on track! Willy customizes partner training to suit you and your partner’s needs.


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Willy Hoover

Owner, Personal Trainer

The personal trainer who has been there.

“I’ve lost the weight and have kept it off for 5 years and know what it takes. “

Will is a certified personal trainer through Canfitpro and a healthy eating and weight loss coach through Canfitpro.  He has a darby level 1 certification and has been training clients for over 4 years.

He is results driven and prides himself on his patience and ability to work with a variety of different personalities. He is always understanding of individual struggles and experiences, while providing the support that guarantees results.

Rose Berwick

Health & Nutrition Coach

She has worked in the fitness industry for seven years with the best trainers and truly believes she works with the best one in town!

She is willy’s number one supporter and knows that Willy can get results from all his clients,

“I want to be an advocate for Will and help spread the word. He cares and he’s not up for the big bucks and that’s why I know he is the best trainer to work with in town.”

She has seen and experienced the struggles of fitness on thousands of people trying to meet their fitness goals and  wants to help you reach your goals the right way.

She is now a certified nutrition coach with Precision Nutrition and is ready to help teach you healthy habits!

Rose has currently lost 120 pounds and kept the weight off. With her experience and being through the process she is relatable and understanding of her clients goals.

She has a true passion for helping others!



“Willy is a great motivator! In just 3 months I feel stronger, have more energy and have lost 17 pounds .”

— Tara Wiggam 

“I have gained stamina and confidence and am loving the new me!”

— Teresa Avitabile

“…he’s there to listen and to give you positive advice. Working out with Willy has been a big stress reliever for me!”

— Karen Ramos

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